Hello Friends :)Jodie Prescott1/3/20212/18/2021
Hello Friends :)
The holidays and the winding down of 2020 brings much reflection for me... What a year! With the good and bad (and even ugly) of a difficult year, I endeavor to fous on the good, with gratitude.  As a parent of a 4th grader at Richard Gordon- and as a PTA member-  I am so incredibly grateful for our community at the school. Our board- Melia, Megan, and Michelle- you are a gift to Richard Gordon Elementary School.  I am so thankful to be with you- in work and friendship.  To our PTA volunteers big and small- you rock! Everytime ... read full article
Trunk and Treat 2020Jodie Prescott11/1/202012/10/2020
Trunk and Treat 2020
           What a great success!  Just so heart warming... and a little scary ;). Thank you to everybody for your energy and patience while waiting in line (aka a great problem to have, it was much longer than we would have anticipated!). Huge thanks for your awesome enthusiasm and cheers as you paraded thru the Trunk and Treat.  It was SO FANTASTIC to see you all- even with our masks on! Also, thank you to those who brought something for the Kingston Food Bank. These donations add up so quickly, and are a wonderful support to ... read full article