Did you know that our schools don’t provide art teachers due to budget constraints? 

To ensure there is still art in our school, our PTA provides art supplies and lesson ideas for our classrooms through the Art Docent program. Richard Gordon even has a special art room (The Da Vinci Room) to teach the lessons, store supplies and it even has a kiln to do pottery projects. 

We rely on MANY volunteers to keep the program running. Volunteering to teach art is a great way to get into the classroom and support art in our schools.

What is an Art Docent?

An Art Docent is a volunteer who brings art into a classroom at Richard Gordon Elementary School.

The Art Docents can be one person, two people or a team working together for each class. Historically, the Art Docents provide an art project about once a month. 

You DO NOT Have to Be An Artist or a Teacher!!!

The North Kitsap School District offers a training to help with ideas and there are many ideas online (i.e. Pinterest). There are plenty of other resources, including the support of a school coordinator and a myriad of experienced docents ready and willing to help.