We are all members of the Richard Gordon PTA, simply by having children in the school.


        So why be a paid member? Because your membership counts.   

 It gives flight to our vision-  

"Supporting our children's' roots, so they may reach for the stars."  


The membership for the Richard Gordon PTA remains low-         

 $15 individual, $25 couple, $50 for the PTA promise to not ask anything of you (!).


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No pressure. No "us and them." It's Team Richard Gordon. And we're in it together and working to build a community for our students, teachers, staff and families. So whether we do that by signing up for membership and sending in the fee, or  volunteering in the classroom, joining the various PTA sponsored after school  activities -  or honestly, just getting our children to school so that they can participate- we are all members.  Together we can make a difference for the school and our students.  Help us to complete this aim for the stars.

Membership to the PTA can be formal or informal. Formal membership is defined as a paid member of the PTA. You've signed up and paid the (low) fee. A portion of the fee goes to the Washington State PTA and supports legislation that affects our children.  The other portion of the membership fee remains with the Richard Gordon PTA, helping to fund and support activities at the school. 

At the school level, paid members are given voting rights at PTA meetings, helping to guide programs and activities.  Additionally, there are member benefits offered to all Washington State PTA members, such as with discounts with Avis and Budget auto rentals, FedEx, Office Depot and Wild Waves. To learn more about these discounts, go to the benefits and discount codes  https://www.wastatepta.org/get-involved/member-benefits/

Informal members of the PTA are unpaid members of the PTA. While equally valued for your energy and input at the school, unpaid members are not able to vote at the school PTA meetings, will not receive PTA communication nor get the WA State PTA member discounts.


The Richard Gordon PTA wholly appreciates the support of all of our members-

 all of us in the  Richard Gordon community. 


Click Here to Join or Renew Today!


 Washington State PTA                              

 "Every child. One Voice" - it is the mantra of the Washington State PTA. Absolutely EVERY child deserves to be supported, enriched, and  their needs heard (hence the "voice").  And then with these collective voices, our children are then not heard in a whisper- but in a ROAR- on a local,  state and national level. This representation is important - now more than ever- as we navigate these unfamiliar and unsettling times.

We're in this together, at Richard Gordon Elementary :) .