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in March

Go to: www.getmovinfundhub.com

Register with School Code: 601d76b1e7f85

We need ALL PARENTS to do 3 easy steps

  1. Register your child to create their own personal reading page.
  2. Email, Text and post on Facebook and Twitter to share your child’s webpage with friends and family to help gather donations to support your student.
  3. Encourage your child to read and track their Reading Minutes on the Web page

Student Goals

  •      We NEED 100% Student Registration!
  •      Read at least 20 minutes a day & track their minutes on their personal page
  •      Each student is encouraged to raise $40 (help us reach our $goal!)
  •      Be an Overachiever Superstar by raising $100 or more!

How it Works

We want to encourage a love of reading for pleasure, knowledge and adventure! Students will earn money by reading. Student’s can gain support and motivation through sponsorships. Share your student’s web page to gather donations or collect cash and checks using the Sponsorship Form (INCLUDED IN THE READ-A-THON PACKET).


Reading before & after school counts.

Reading on the bus counts.

Being read to by other people counts.

Reading aloud to a pet counts.

Homework reading counts

Listening to Audio books counts!

Reading aloud to other people counts. If you happen to read to someone who is also participating in the Read-A- Thon, it counts for both of you!

** Reading before March 1, 2024 (the official beginning of the Read-A-Thon) does not count.
** Subtitles while watching TV, movie or playing video games does not count.

Important Dates

February 23
Register your student online to create their personal reading web page & begin gathering sponsors online and with the sponsorship form. Begin reading!

March 4
START READING AND TRACK YOUR MINUTES! Don’t forget to log your reading minutes on your personal web page and get sponsors!

March 20
Return Sponsorship Form and your collected checks/cash.
Last day to record reading minutes.

March 22
Last day to collect online sponsorship donations.


Help us raise more money and approach businesses to help support our school. Click on the link for a letter template.

Keep track or cash or checks collected with this log. PTA receives 100% of the cash and check in-school donations.

An easy way to track your minutes and then log them on to your personal web page.